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Nippon 2007

The World Science Fiction Convention in Yokohama, Japan

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The 2007 World Science Fiction Convention
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Welcome to Nippon 2007, a LiveJournal community dedicated to those attending the first Japanese World Science Fiction Convention, Nippon2007 in Yokohama, Japan (Aug 30 - Sep 3, 2007).
Nippon 2007へようこそ。ライブジャーナルコミュニティーは日本で初めてのワールドコン開催地は横浜(ワールド・サイエンスフィクション・コンベンション)、に参加する人たちの支援に取り組んできました。(日付:8月30日から9月3日、2007年)

This community is intended for the use of those attending (or hoping to attend) the WorldCon in 2007. Please feel free to participate if you're at all interested -- I've left the community open to anyone who wants to join. However, also keep our primary purpose in mind, and please keep posts on-topic (although if followups to those posts should meander off somewhere else, that's perfectly fine). Any discussion in any way related to the 2007 WorldCon is welcome, be it discussion of the venue, news about the con, other things to do in Japan while attending, things occuring at the con such as the Hugos or programming, whether or not specific people will be attending... Well, you get the idea.

As the WorldCon is an international event, our primary language here will be English, since it's the most commonly understood language worldwide today (besides, I expect most of our members here will reside in the United States and Great Britain). However, I hope to support Japanese to some extent as well, but until I recruit a native Japanese-speaking moderator to help out, it's going to be somewhat difficult to put that into practice. We'll see how it goes.

A final disclaimer:

This community is not affiliated with the Nippon 2007 bid or convention committees. It was created entirely due to my enthusiasm for attending a WorldCon in Japan.

I reserve the right to delete any posts that are abusive, vulgar, offensive to the community at large, or completely off-topic. I don't expect that this will be problem, as I expect most of the members will be here because they're interested in attending, but I just want to be clear on this point up front.

Thank you and enjoy!



このコミュニティーはNippon 2007投票やコンベンション委員会とは関係がありません。これは私個人が日本でのワールドコン参加へ向けた情熱から始めたものです。



[Thanks to an anonymous friend for translating this on short notice for me; if she ever gets a LJ account, I'll credit her directly.]

-- your moderator, doubt72

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